Body scrub (include sauna with light reflexology massage) 55min – $90.00 and Up
Oatmeal, avocado, dead sea salt, herbal oil

Body wrap (55min)

Seaweed mask – $90.00  
Detox and cellulite reduction.

Mud mask - $90.00 
Purifying Detox

Hydrating mask – $90.oo 
Illuminating Moister

Chocolate Mask- $ 90.00

Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Capsule

Imagine emerging from a spa that treats your body and soothes your soul. After a moment in the Alpha 2010, skin is treated to detoxifying power of dry sauna while floating on a perfectly contoured ergonomic bed.

Vibratory massage and aromatherapy calm your body.

Gentle music blocks out any other sound. Experience the ultimate in pampering and luxury. Step into the Alpha 2010 and step out rejuvenated.